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Food Robotics

Mayekawa is the pioneer of robotization of meat processing process which was once thought to be difficult. Meat processing robots must be capable of sensing the subtle differences between each subject such as shape, size and firmness. Mayekawa has developed robots for each process and achieved high quality and efficient automated systems which can be applied to a wide range of product types in low temperature operating conditions. Mayekawa offers deboning machines TORIDAS (poultry) and HAMDAS-R (pork) as well as a unique chicken breast remover YIELDAS-EYE.
An optional vision processing system is also available to improve processing quality and yield ratio.


Typically performed by hand, TORIDAS automates the deboning process of whole chicken legs. TORIDAS includes automated pre-cut and final separation functions and completely removes all the flesh from the bone as if the leg has been processed manually. Automation of the deboning process results in consistent quality and yield ratio of the meat and improves hygiene.

Total shipments (as of February 2012)



HAMDAS-R achieves what was once thought to be impossible, the automation of the pork thigh deboning process. Recognizing shape of thigh borns by X-RAY enables the robot to cut at the correct position for each piece improving the yield ratio. The only pork deboning robot in the world, HAMDAS-R improves hygiene and eliminates the use of cutting boards and need for water proof specifications.,


YIELDAS-EYE is the first deboning machine for chicken breast meat in the world. Function of automatic adjustment with image processing system enables the robot to keep high quality and yield ratio.YIELDAS-EYE handles all deborning process of cutting shoulder joints, peeling breast meat, picking off tender meats and deviding wingtips.