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Food Robotics

Mayekawa is a pioneer of the robotization for meat processing process, which has been considered to be very difficult. Meat processing robots have to be capable of sensing the subtle differences in each object such as shape, size, and firmness. Mayekawa has developed different kinds of robots for each process and achieved high quality and efficient automated systems, which can be applied to a wider range of product types in low temperature atmospheric conditions.

Mayekawa introduces the "DAS" Series, a newly developed brand name for Mayekawa deboning equipment, achieving high quality and high yield deboned meat thus results in customer satisfaction.

Mayekawa will try to introduce the state of the art "DAS" Series into the market across the world from the cultivation in Japanese food culture.



"TORIDAS" is Automated Chicken Whole Leg Deboning Machine. Measurement of the whole length and the joint positions of the legs enables to remove the meat from the bone as if the leg has been processed manually. TORIDAS achieves high quality and yield and improves hygiene.


"YIELDAS" is Automated Front Half Deboning Machine. The image processing data allows YIELDAS to adjust its cutting positions and subsequent optimum meat deboning for each bird. The chicken's front half is deboned into butterfly or fillets, tenders are removed, whole wings and carcasses are discharged.


"TAKIDAS" is Turkey Whole Leg Deboning Machine, providing high quality and yield. You will have the meat and the bones separated just by loading the turkey leg onto TAKIDAS.


"WINGDAS" is Automated Chicken Wing Drumettes Machine. Either deboned chicken wing drumettes or deboned chicken tulips known as chicken lollipop can be produced.


"HAMDAS" is Automated Pork Ham Deboning Machine. Thigh meat automated deboning processing has been considered impossible in the past. Recognition of the shape of thigh bones by X-ray enables HAMDAS to cut the optimum positions on each piece for better yield. "HAMDAS", the only pork deboning robot in the world, improves hygiene due to the elimination of the use for cutting boards.


"WANDAS" is Automated Pork Shoulder Deboning Machine. After auto-loading a whole pork shoulder onto WANDAS, the vertical multi-jointed deboning robot cuts the meat along the bone and removes fore shank and arm bones. The system has not only the X-ray detection system to distinguish the difference between right and left shoulder, but also the function that measures the length of bones. Since it also enables to correspond to the individual differences between fore shank and arm bones and sense the location of joints, better yield can be assured.