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Cooling Systems

Our freezing and refrigeration technology is built on decades of experience in designing and installing refrigeration plants globally. Based on this technology we have focused on countering global warming and ozone depletion. We manufacture our products for the improvement of safety, energy efficiency and the utilization of natural refrigerants.


Highly efficient and reliable chiller packages with built-in MYCOM compressor. Mayekawa has led the trend in natural refrigerants in the pursuit of environmental sustainability. With this experience we now offer a number of models which take advantage of natural refrigerants.

Cooling System NewTon

NewTon is a new high efficiency energy saving NH3/CO2 cooling system purpose designed for cold storage refrigeration.
We have reduced absorbed power by 20% in comparison to conventional HFC refrigerators,
Safety is improved by using CO2 as the secondary refrigerant and reducing the amount of NH3 refrigerant to 1/6 the amount a conventional ammonia system would use.

Industrial Process Cooling

These high-spec refrigeration systems comply with the stringent requirements in petrochemical plants and nuclear facilities where higher reliability and safety are required. We comply with domestic and foreign standards and explosion-proof specifications, in addition to American Petroleum Institute (API) standards and customer's proprietary specifications. We can also offer a wide range of applications for utilities including water chillers and brine chillers to process fluid systems including cooling and liquefaction, separation and recovery.

Slurry Ice System

  • This 'super cooling' system makes slurry ice and reserves heat to effectively provide chilled water at close to 0℃. Slurry ice is flexible in application offers superior flow properties, high cooling capacity and the system offers stable supply of low temperature water even under high-load conditions.
  • What is 'Super cooling'?
  • A method of producing ice which chills water to below zero degrees thus producing slurry ice from the water in the system.

Cryogenics Refrigerator

Brayton NeO is possible to cool below -220 ℃ utilizing a reverse Brayton cycle and a turbo compressor and expander.
We have provided the cooling system for superconducting device, the liquefier of LNG and the alternative cooling system of liquid nitrogen.
This refrigerator is used in industrial and medical, food industrial fields.